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Our foundation believes that girls and women are not only capable partners in any endeavor they choose to pursue, but their participation and leadership in all aspects of life is fundamental to the harmony, safety, peace, and success of our world. However, women and girls across the globe face daunting challenges – including access to their basic human rights. Ending violence against women and girls and promoting the rights of women, girls and LGBT people is nearly ground zero for every program. Our foundation makes grants to organizations that offer small business training programs, women’s financial training initiatives, outreach programs, and more.






“A child without education is like a bird without wings.” This Tibetan proverb is poignantly apropos. Without an education, girls are at a distinct disadvantage, and may not have a chance to reach their full potential. Certainly when half the population is kept out of the decision-making process due to lack of knowledge, it’s clear that education needs to be a priority. Our Foundation is serious about closing the gap that exists between genders. We want to help give girls and women equal status, equal pay for equal work, and to be ready to develop and navigate around the cutting edge technology that our world functions within. To do this, we fund grants for college scholarships, high-school scholarships, STEM programs, Computer Science programs, and teacher training programs.





Health is a fundamental component to our wellbeing. When we’re feeling healthy and strong, we’re capable of accomplishing what we set out to do, and have a better chance of handling life’s stresses. However, without robust health, both physical and mental, the opposite can be true. Our Foundation seeks to help mitigate the problems that can arise due to lack of healthcare by making grants to organizations that focus on specific areas of need: children, mothers, family planning.







In order for Women and Girls to be fully represented, and to have an equal number of “seats at the proverbial policy table” we must encourage women to take a leadership role in the political activities of their communities, businesses, cities, and countries. Our Foundation funds organizations that actively advocate for policy change, and that also teach advocacy skills.







The CS Self Worth Foundation works in the United States and abroad. We work with partners we trust, whose values are aligned with our own. We take our mission seriously, and want our investments to help change lives for the better. When we make a grant to an organization, our common goal is to have a global impact.



New York, London, Israel, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Utah, and California.  

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